Different logo shape types

Logos come in various shapes, and the choice of shape can convey different meanings or evoke specific emotions. Here are some common logo shape types:

square logos

Square Logos

Provide a stable and balanced appearance.

circle logos

Circle Logos

Convey unity, continuity, and community.

triangle logos

Triangle Logos

Represent energy, dynamism, and direction.

abstract logos

Abstract Logos

Use shapes like polygons or other non-specific forms.

vertical logos

Vertical Logos

Vertical creates a logo by using figurative symbols or forms.

Typography Logo

Typography Logos

Incorporate initials or letters in a distinctive style.

Vintage Logo

Vintage Logos

Showcase creativity and clever design.

Geometric Logo

Geometric Logos

Combine two or more letters to create a unique symbol.

Mascot Logo

Mascot Logos

Friendly and approachable brand personality.

Pictorial mark logos

Pictorial mark logos

Can convey a sense of growth or hierarchy.

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